Welcome to Amity

Join us in Connecting Humanity for Wellbeing. Also, home to the Integrative Mental Health Summit.

About Us

Amity is an all-inclusive, safe place where members who desire sustained mental health connect and support each other. Together, we uplift and empower each other to thrive in life.

Also, home to the global Integrative Mental Health Summit.

Why You Should Join

Amity brings together people who want to master their mental health so that they can:

  • Reclaim Peace of Mind
  • Feel a genuine sense of Well-Being
  • Flourish in Life

How Amity is Different

Amity is a social network like Facebook, but different in many ways:

  • It’s private, so you’ll find like-minded people who can provide support
  • You can connect with people based on common areas of interests
  • You can post text, pictures and video, ask questions, reply with comments, and cheer others on
  • You will always find fresh, relevant information you can apply in your daily life
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